How much will it cost me?

We believe that for the quantity and quality of facilities on offer, we are unbeatable!

Full membership for one year is only £5.00 – and has been held at that price since YMUG was formed, more than twenty years ago!

Overseas members

Overseas members and expatriate Yorkies (and other Brits) can enjoy all the benefits of being a member of YMUG, except perhaps the monthly meetings.

Complimentary membership

Committee members are rewarded for volunteering their time with the option of free membership while serving on the committee.

The Committee also reserves the right to offer a year’s free membership to anyone they feel has made an especially positive contribution to the members over the course of the preceding year.

No administrative fees

Some methods of payment (eg, PayPal and credit cards) involve administrative charges being made to the companies accepting the payment. Currently, we do not pass these charges on to our members, as we believe that these methods of payment make our lives a little easier than some other methods, like cheque payments for instance. We don’t like paying these extras out of our funds, but we also don’t like asking for you to pay more! Of course, we reserve the right to change this policy in the future, should it erode our funds beyond what is reasonable.

There is rarely any charge over and above the full membership price of £5, although we do reserve the right to accept donations towards, for instance, catering at meetings when provided.