Unique and very limited edition YMUG mugs

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(picture shows both sides of mug, and it’s £10 per mug, in case you were wondering…)

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Unique and very limited edition YMUG mugs – £10 each incl secure packaging and courier to your door.

very nice quality pot mugs, the glaze is very good, and they are better than all the other such whites I’ve seen.

The mugs were ‘short run’ and  the decals are full colour and therefore decidedly not cheap, especially for a short print run too – in other words bespoke, short-run, quality design both back and front.

Because we don’t have many, we’re limiting you to two mugs per order.

They will be shipped by courier, securely packaged in special foam boxes.

Postage and Packing is included free, one or two mugs the P&P is the same.


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