Finally – it’s Alive!

Finally, after way too long, the website membership system is up and running.

From your membership dashboard, you can see when your membership expires, when that day approaches, automatic emails will be sent and you should then be able to follow the links to renew your subscription.

(expiry dates have been set (as best I can from the data I had) to tie in with your old joining dates and to account for some people having bought extended subs that only recently expired – the *free period* has extended those – if anyone wants to get their date changed, please let me know)

I’ve added an option to donate to club funds, so as a logged in member (on the join YMUG page) you can buy one or more Voluntary Donations (50p each)

I’m hopeful that everything will go swimmingly, but pragmatic enough to know that there will be bugs (currently details of your subscription are unavailable from the dashboard – I’m working on it)

For clarity the system works like this:

You buy a subscription “product”. The subscription gives you membership of YMUG and access to the site until it expires or renews. So there are two parts to your membership (sorry it’s confusing!)

I hope that as time ticks along we can recruit some more members, organise some more meetings and maybe have additional benefits and products to sell.

For now, I’m just relieved to have finally finished what I started to do several years ago!

Thank you all for your patience.

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