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Sending attachments to Windows users with macOS mail

There’s a setting in mail that lets you send windows friendly attachments, but it’s well hidden. when you use the paperclip to choose a file to attach, there’s an options button at the bottom left of the window, click that and there’s a tick box to “Send Windows-Friendly Attachments” make sure that’s checked. Otherwise I …

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Finally – it’s Alive!

Finally, after way too long, the website membership system is up and running. From your membership dashboard, you can see when your membership expires, when that day approaches, automatic emails will be sent and you should then be able to follow the links to renew your subscription. (expiry dates have been set (as best I …

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We’re still Free

Work pressures are still preventing me from giving the site the attention it deserves, but we’re still accepting new memberships to YMUG. If you’re interested in joining us, getting our weekly newsletter and taking part in mactalk – our email driven discussion forum, just drop me an email at and we’ll get you set …

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